The Lamar County Library System is working to establish a fund in the Pine Belt Foundation. We are looking for pledges from individuals and businesses to create this long-term, sustainable future form of alternative funding for the library books, videos, audiobooks, programs, and events that the Lamar County Library System has been providing the people of Lamar County since our creation in 1997.

In order to establish the endowment fund, we need an initial fund of $10,000. Right now we are taking pledges – not donations – towards this goal. Once we have crossed the $10,000 pledge mark we will contact those willing donors with how they can make their donation to the creation of the LCLS Endowment Fund.

For more information please see our information letter. To make a pledge, please download and fill out our pledge/donation form. Thank you for your support in the Lamar County Library System’s goal of keeping knowledge at the fingertips of all Lamar County residents.

If you have any questions regarding the endowment fund, your potential gift, or the Lamar County Library System in general, please feel free to reach out to our administrative offices at 601-794-3221 or by e-mail at